Wow… That is Awesome!!!!

Whether it was through our Sunday Service Livestream, our audio podcast, our website, an invitation from a member of our congregation or a recommendation from a friend of our ministry, we are overjoyed that you are planning to visit us.

Please accept a personal invitation to come and experience God’s grace in one of our worship services. We believe it will be an experience that will positively enhance your life.


What should I expect when I visit?

Family Life Fellowship is a family oriented church that believes We serve the purpose of God by bringing the good news of God‘s love to people of all nationalities and backgrounds, (both in local and global communities). When you are amongst us you will feel genuine love. Give us a chance and we will make you feel like one of our beloved family members.
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What should I wear?

Just come as you feel comfortable. We are more interested in getting to meet and know you than checking out your clothes. So if you are more comfortable in Tee-shirt and jeans than in a suit. Come as you are. You prefer wearing an African outfit over a shirt and tie. Just simply come as you are. You will be welcomed.

Let us know that you will be visiting by filling out the form below and we will keep an eye out for you and make you feel welcome


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